Let’s get it on!!

Round two is coming up on Monday 27th May and I hope you guys are all stocked up on healing potions because this one is going to be EPIC. Having defeated the dread guardians of Castle Rivenroar and sent the Hand of Sinruth scurrying back to their tunnels you then took up the call to arms from Overlook far to the west. We last left our heroes about to depart for the Monastery of the Sundered Chain in order to warn the monks there of the encroaching Orc horde…

My place 10am on Monday – bring pizza :-)

This is our campaign homepage. There are various tabs across the top which you can use to find information about characters you’ve met, general knowledge about areas or details of items etc. The adventure log is where I’ll document what happened at each game session but it’ll really add to the story if you guys post in-character blogs too (for the stuff you want to share of course!)

I’ll mainly be using the home page for any updates you guys need to see so make sure you check in regularly. In terms of how it all starts the Unbalanced Scales of War is a campaign which will take your characters from level 1 to level 30 through a series of awesome adventures. We’ll commence in the Elsir Vale within the town of Brindol where a series of goblin raids have occured over the last few months…

The Unbalanced Scales of War

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