Thoradin Sunfury

This travelling missionary was once a highly decorated warrior.


10 years ago, Thoradin ended a successful military career after King Bolaim offered the warrior his own Keep, complete with lands, income and titles. Though proud of the peace he had helped bring to his homelands, Thoradin was equally ashamed of the acts that where the means to the end.

With the Kings grace, he left instead to pursue a place amongst the Knight Hospitallers. A religious order whose members dedicate themselves to providing care and comfort to the poor, the sick, and the injured. Thoradin lived out his premature retirement helping to rebuild many of the communities that where destroyed during the very battles he fought in.
Recent years have seen him drift more erratically though, assisting where he can, and bringing Pelors comfort where it is needed.

Hearing of the raids against Brindol, Thoradin has travelled to the vale to assist the locals with their rebuilding efforts.

Thoradin Sunfury

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