The Unbalanced Scales of War

The Red Hand strikes

By Thoradin Sunfury

The situation in Brindol is worse than I thought, it seems some Goblin start ups have tried to forge themselves an army in the image of the Red Hand. A group that ravaged this area years ago, but have long since been forgotten.
After they raided the town and set parts of it ablaze, they took to kidnapping tome of the locals. Kagero, Dala and I found ourselves in the thick of it, fighting alongside a fellow Dwarf and a Genasi. What a Genasi is doing anywhere near here is suspect enough, but she helped us fend off the attackers.
At the request and with the aid of one of the towns Councillors, we made for Rivenroar, an old keep in the mountains North of here where it was suggested the raiders had taken the townspeople. I never should have gone, but with Kagero’s friend being amongst the kidnapped, I couldn’t let her go unprotected. I couldn’t bear to write again to Londailin with word of another death.
The keep was an interesting experience, one I’d rather not repeat. Whilst I successfully reflected Pelor’s light to keep the party safe, I came closer than I’d like to my own demise and am still feeling shaken up by the events. Everything is suggesting that it time I return home, to die without seeing Gildan doesn’t seem worth it.
Whilst the others have been enjoying the fruits of their victory (the first of many I hope, for they seem to get on well enough) I’ve occupied myself with work at the Temple. In under a week we’ve completed major repair work on the town gates, and all but the most severely injured victims of the attacks are well again. It’s reassuring to see how even here, communities can still pull together in times of need such as these.
Councilman Troyas rewarded us well for our efforts, and I intend to test his reputation as an influential trader by setting him to work on the arrow symbol present on all the weapons used by the red hand, finding out who’s arming them, could prove valuable.


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