The Unbalanced Scales of War

The Encounter With The Devil

That Drow, and that symbol. I was hoping I’d never see either of them again after I escaped. We successfully killed the leader at Castle Rivenraw, and now we’re on this road. I don’t like camping at the side of the main road here. We’ve just departed from Overlook and are on our way to the mountains. Then, it happened, we were ambushed by one of my most hated enemies, a Drow. It all started when my stronghold was attacked by an army of Orcs and I was sold as a slave to a Drow family, for 3 years. Then I managed to escape. Anyway, we were travelling along the road when I heard a scream from Kagero, my elf companion behind me. I jumped of my horse and ran towards her, but she’d gone in a big cloud of black smoke. I saw her run out of the smoke with a massive sword slash right down her back. I ran in with my shield raised but saw nothing but
darkness. Then I felt a terrible pain…

When I got over the agony, I could see a Drow of what looked like a Paladin, probably an evil Paladin of the Dark. Anyway, through the anger we killed it…


NinjaRoss Jimmyuke03

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