The Unbalanced Scales of War

Smoke in the Night

I was woken in the early evening by a clashing of swords and screaming. I jumped up, put on my armor, equipped my battleaxe and my shield, and ran for it. When I turned round the corner to go down the stairs of the Anchor & Thistle Tavern, I was stopped by the heat. A massive blaze of fire ignited in the bar and the tavern was almost half burnt down. I turned back but another blaze of fire stopped me, after this, I couldn’t take much more of the heat, I looked out of the window and saw what looked like a huge troll/ogre but after a few seconds it was brought down by a Genasi, Dragonborn and another Dwarf…

I jumped out of the window, not very successfully and hurt my back. I was in pain, but a fellow Dwarf lent over an gave me a hand up. I realized the attack of Brindol was from a horde of Hobgoblins.

We managed to find a Hobgoblin survivor and question him and found that the main attack was from the ruined castle Rivenraw. We went inside this ruin, then the Genasi and the Dragonborn started fighting! I and this other Dwarf just stood back. After this we ventured through the ruin trying to be stopped by Goblins, Undead and other monsters. The old Dwarf was a bit of a coward here. I found myself plenty of gold and an Aftershock Battleaxe, and it is bloody powerful! After finally killed the leader of the Hobgoblin forces, we made our way back to Brindol and I had a rest, helped clean up the Antler & Thistle and bought some more armor and gear.


NinjaRoss Jimmyuke03

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