The Unbalanced Scales of War

Out of the forest...

After almost a month of what has been a pleasant trip, we were last night attacked by the local wildlife. Namely some Bullywugs who caught us off guard, they took out 3 of the rangers before we where even properly armed. Corrina fell next, outnumbered, I was unable to save her, I was unable to save any of them.

We have picked up on the way a curious oddity in the form of a Dwarfish speaking Dragonborn claiming to be from the glaciers Battlebeard clan. After she took out some of last nights attackers in a suitably ferocious manner, I wasn’t inclined to question her too much of her origins or intent. Though the least I could offer her was a hot meal some ale and passage into town. Claims she’s off to ‘seek her fortune’. I shouldn’t laugh, but it’s fun to see the eagerness (or ignorance?) of the young as they plough onwards with their righteous intent.
It does make me feel old though, perhaps I’ve been too hasty in coming specifically to the Vale. Thoughts of home are lingering in my mind, perhaps it is time?

At least tomorrow should see us reasonably safe in Brindol where I can arrange with incumbents at the the Shrine of the Sun what work is best seen to, and arrange for the the rangers to be properly preserved for return to Londailin, or to the nearby Marth Forest.
Kagero has understandably been quiet. There is neither meaning nor revenge for such mindless killings. They died purely to mollify the animal instincts of those beasts, doing nothing no more honorable than escorting an old Dwarf. To think that they all volunteered so they could get a glimpse of life away from Londailin – it makes me feel ill.

Anyway, it’s late, and the Dragonborns grinning is making me uneasy so I best make small talk.


NinjaRoss petesmart

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