The Unbalanced Scales of War

My Adventures begin!

By Nala Battlebeard.

Finally. The fighting has started!

I had a surprisingly peaceful journey down from The Glacier, albeit long. Very long. On the last leg however i encountered a party of elves being attacked by bullywugs. Sadly i was too late to the fight and the party was almost wiped out. I made it just in time to dispatch the biggest of them swiftly, but only two of them remained. An elf! I had never actually seen an elf though of course Da told me all about them… She’s certainly very nimble… But then thanks the Gods, i met an aged Dwarf who was so caring towards those elves. Reminded me of me Da. I miss Da, Thorin Sunfury comes from a far away land too. And he was so caring toward those other creatures. Just like Da was with me. I think I’m definitely warming to the Sunfury. I just hope he can last the distance. He looks a bit tired sometimes…

Anyway, after butchering the bullywugs, we rode on into Brindle. And my luck was in. I didn’t have to seek adventure, adventure saught me when a bunch of pyromaniac hobgoblins attacked the inn we found to drink in! Needless to say we annihilated them swiftly and dispatched one of their massive ogre. That’s when i had my first intimate encounter with death. Too close for comfort. But i needed it. Perhaps i’ve run into this a little unprepared for the foes i am likely to face… So, we captured one, interrogated him, and found out his boss lived in Rivenraw. I’m not one for all this political entwine. I prefer to lend a muscle. So i found myself along with 4 others including Thoradin and his elven friend charging into Rinvenraw to rescue some artifacts and some prisoners. All would have been ok if this very strange creature who immediately inspired distrust from deep within me didn’t keep trying to set me on fire…. I tried very hard to keep my cool as we were in the middle of a fight which could have killed us all but in the end after hacking an enemy’s head clean off i could control my rage no longer and wound up giving it a taste of my axe with no strength held back. Seems to have done the trick, it leaves me alone now and that’s how i like it. Although it is currently perpetually on fire. How someone hasn’t thrown it in a well to extinguish it yet is beyond me….

I’m getting tired and i must wrap this up. We have proved ourselves in Rinvenraw and we are now tasked with a very important mission involving orcs. (I was never good at paying attention to the details…) We are currently in Overlook which is an enormous version of Kharanos. I feel quite at home here. We have met tonight with a party of experienced adventurers. All dragonborn like me. I can feel their magic despite my personal lack of arcana. I am in awe of these, though i tower over most of them they inspire such respect! Perhaps i should pick their brains. They may point me on the way to my destiny.

The ale is starting to work, the warm fuzzy feeling is taking over. Time for sleep. I miss you Da… Wish me luck. Sounds like i’ll need it…


NinjaRoss sonianoodle

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