The Unbalanced Scales of War

Leaving the Great Glacier

Day 1

By Nala Battlebeard

The celebrations for my 19th Birthday were all a girl could hope for. Da gathered all the other clan founders at the Inn and we drank ourselves into oblivion! Gods knows I needed that after the discussion Da and I had night before last…. Seriously messed up stuff….

Well, i had no choice, did i? Da cried when i walked away, he didn’t show it but i know he did. Begged me to leave it and stay in the Kharanos Guard. But i couldn’t. It’s just not an option. I’m sorry Da but what did you expect? You can’t dump this on me and expect me not to want to find out more! I need to know the truth.

But first I need experience. The foes i am likely to face in my quest are going to be foes to be reckoned with, if Da’s stories are anything to go by… Brindol is where it’s at. I need to find me some buddies and get to work on perfecting my skills. Da couldn’t have picked a better present for my 19th… I shall put it to good use.

So here I go… It’s a long journey to Brindol from here. I sure hope i make it there… Don’t much fancy the look of The Endless Plain… or The Giant Shield… or The Blackfens… or The Whichwood… Time to draw on that dragonborn bravoury Nala! The road ahead is fraught with dangers but I was born for adventure. I shall rise to the challenge.


NinjaRoss NinjaRoss

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